2017 Course Information: Plein Air Sketching

Plein Air Sketching

Instructor Adrian Deckbar says “My favorite thing is to draw from Nature. Come and draw with me and immerse yourself in Nature, with focused time directed toward learning how to create drawings that appear to have depth and dimension.” She will offer ideas, technical support and guidance where needed, but students will interpret what they see with their own marks. You will start with fast, rough compositions and then will work with slow and deliberate contour lines. Lastly, you will work in various ways to create values and gradations – from crosshatching to subtle shading. These techniques will come together to express your unique vision of what you see around you. Ebony graphite pencils can create incredibly seductive effects in black and white, with a wide range of shades in between. While the focus will be on using graphite, you may choose to work in other media as well. This class will be at beautiful Tomahawk Creek Farm on the ridge south of Mountain View. It features a beautiful pond, gardens and buildings from rustic to contemporary. Participants may bring their own lunches or reserve lunch ($10/day). A modern kitchen, covered patio and large greenhouse offer protection and views in case of inclement weather. Only pencils and paper are required, but students are encouraged to bring their preferred drawing media and easels and sketch boards if available. Some materials may be purchased from the instructor (see materials fee). Email: adriandeckbar@gmail.com for a suggested materials list. Visit her website at: adriandeckbar.com and go to DRAWINGS.

Materials Fee:$50 or bring your own materials
Arkansas Craft School,
101 North Peabody St. Mountain View, AR 72560
REGISTER BY:March 14th

Instructor :Adrian Deckbar

Adrian Deckbar is a New Orleans painter who creates large compositions of what she describes as “the natural world, increasingly in danger of extinction.” She breaks down elements in the landscape to dramatize the play of direct sunlight on forms and shapes. The images are often more interpretative than literal, and have been said to visually vibrate. She works in acrylic and pastels to achieve her luminous effects, and draws from life in the swamps and the forest. She studied with Elemore Morgan Jr. at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she earned a B.A. in Painting and Drawing; at Tulane University she received an MFA in Painting and Drawing, and earlier earned an MA in Painting and Drawing at San Francisco State University. Adrian has taught painting and drawing at Tulane University as a Professor of Practice, an adjunct Professor and a lecturer/invited instructor. She also taught at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, and at San Francisco State University. Adrian has taught numerous workshops abroad and in the U.S. including The Bascom, in Highlands, N.C., The Mississippi Art Colony, and The Prince’s Foundation for Rebuilding the Environment in New Orleans. Recently she taught “Open Studio in the Forest” at Meadowcreek in Arkansas. Abroad, she taught plein air workshops in Umbria and Northern Italy, and Aix-en-Provence, France. Deckbar’s work is in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, her paintings have appeared in numerous show across the U. S. She has received grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, the Pollack Krasner Foundation, the Louisiana Division of the Arts, and the Gottlieb Foundation. In 208 Deckbar published a book of her work with a grant from Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation: Continuum: Moving Through A Still Frame. Deckbar is represented by Callan Contemporary in New Orleans and The James Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA.