2017 Course Information: Intro to Wood Carving

Intro to Wood Carving

Students will learn the basics of wood carving using a knife, also known as whittling, in this beginner level class. this will start with proper knife use, sharpening, and safety. The course will begin with simple basswood projects to learn the basics of carving, then move on to designing and carving a cane or walking stick.

Materials Fee:$57, ($35 if you bring your own wood carving knife and thumb guard, $22 if you bring your own cane/walking stick, $0 if you bring both)
Arkansas Craft School,
101 North Peabody St. Mountain View, AR 72560

Instructor :Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy was born in Georgetown TX in 1941, two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She grew up in Texas, California, and Missouri. She traveled for the next 20 years with her husband, Bobby, who was in the Army, before settling down into the beautiful Ozark Mountains. She started into crafts largely through books, books, and more books. She has studied widely, writing with the Long Ridge Writers Group from CT, art classes from ICS School of art, and study with art teacher Jo Rowell for many years, and woodcarving lessons with Master Carver Jack Ryan. She is a Master Crochet Volunteer and Master Sewing Volunteer with the AR EHC. For the past several years Dorothy has been teaching at the North Ark College. EDU-CE Teaching is the way she likes to share her knowledge, as well as continuing to learn from each experience.

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