2017 Course Information: Wood Turning Introduction

Wood Turning Introduction

Woodturning is an exciting craft from which objects both useful and exceptionally beautiful can be created. In the hands of skilled artisans the finished products are often expressive art forms, yet pleasing results can quickly be achieved by beginners as well. The variety of things you can create on a lathe with a minimal amount of time and money is limited only by your imagination. This workshop will focus on the basics of woodturning. It will cover the equipment“ the lathe and the tools “ their selection and sharpening, and wood choices. Students will try their hands at both spindle turning and bowl turning. This workshop will also provide a chapter on Woodturning Safety 101, designed to keep the practitioner mindful and safe, eliminating the likelihood of injuries. Safe practices add to the confidence and pleasure you'll have in learning this great craft. Students will come away with the firm foundation needed to begin turning wood safely.

Materials Fee:$15
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Instructor :Thomas Dunn

Thomas Dunn has been turning wood for over 20 years and perfecting his skill making segmented bowls for 10 years. Always pushing himself to take his craft higher, Tom is a life long learner, trying something new and more challenging each year. He is a member of the Arkansas Craft Guild and shows his work throughout Arkansas.

Works by the Instructor