2018 Course Information: Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Internationally known glass bead artisans Sage and Tom Holland provide beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes using an age-old method of creating beautiful glass beads. In the first day introductory course students will learn the basic techniques and safety required to create simple beads. Students who have completed this introductory course may take the intermediate and advanced courses. For more work by Tom and Sage visit beauxbead.com

09:00 am-04:00 pm
Tuition:$160 ($450 for all 3 Days)
Materials Fee:$15 per day
REGISTER BY:2018-04-01
Arkansas Craft School

101 North Peabody St. Mountain View, AR 72560

Instructor: Tom and Sage Holland

Tom and Sage Holland are two of a handful of early American Glass Bead Makers who have been working with the medium since the late 1980’s. Sage began on the west coast of Washington state, while Tom got his start here in Arkansas. They met at an international Bead conference in Washington D.C. and eventually, after continuing to run into each other at other exhibits around the country, decided to join studios and get hitched. Ever since then they’ve been trying to balance working on their art, teaching workshops, writing on glass bead history, building a house, farming, and being a part of the community in Mountain View, AR. Tom and Sage have taught workshops all over the world: on the Italian Island of Murano, in Hamburg, and Istanbul, as well as several here in the states. They enjoy the excitement of travel to new places but they feel their schedule is empty without quality time at home. For more of their work visit beauxbead.com

Works by the Instructor