Dana Finimore

The core of my work is centered in the ideology of finding catharsis of body and mind through contact with the natural world. My relationship with nature is symbiotic. It is my belief that as a human and an artist, I need nature and nature needs me. Compositional explorations in metal and paint express my keen observance of the textures and shapes found in nature. Early years spent roaming the creek banks and meadows of north central Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains has gifted me with a reverence for the environment. When my brain becomes cluttered by the superficiality and artificiality of today’s existence, I find clarity of spirit outdoors. Working in copper and sterling, I find the process of annealing and manipulating metal to be an act of collaboration between the natural elements and myself. When I paint, I make work that feels organic yet abstract, the work is a visual reverberation of my time spent outdoors. The work must be spontaneous otherwise it risks becoming duplicitous. I want my work to be completely responsive to the emotional rejuvenation I experience while spending time in the terrain.