Gene Sparling

Gene Sparling was born in 1955 in Little Rock, Arkansas and spent his childhood in Springfield, Missouri. As a young man he established a home in the Ouachita Mountains just south of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Throughout his life he has sought out wilderness, traveling, backpacking, horse packing, and kayaking through wild landscapes, always returning to the woods of his home in the Ouachitas. With great concern for remaining wild places, Sparling has served as a voice for wildlife and habitat conservation throughout the country. With his affinity to nature, it is no wonder that when Sparling began his career as an artist, that his medium would be tied to the natural world. He began learning to work with wood as a child, from his father, and has continued learning and working with wood, throughout his life. Through his work, Sparling seeks to highlight the unique beauty of each piece, while creating vessels, sculptures, and furniture that complement their natural roots.

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