Lynne Blanscet

Lynne Melchior Blanscet, a long time resident of North Little Rock, is an independent artist/designer who has been in the fine arts business her entire adult life.

Lynne’s interest in the arts began at a very early age under the tutelage of her Dad, a professor of architecture and a co-chair of Temple University’s Technical Institute.  She was awarded a scholarship to Moore College of Art while a senior in high school, then earned her B.F.A. in Crafts, with a teaching certificate from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in Philadelphia, and a M.F.A. in Ceramics from Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio.  She has since built on that base by taking continuing education courses in French, Child Psychology, and Faux Finishes by the JoAnne Day Workshop in San Francisco.  And, she is a licensed Residential Home Improvement Contractor, who lives in North Little Rock Arkansas.

Since moving to Little Rock in 1970, Lynne has taught at Montessori Schools, the Arkansas Arts Center, taught private lessons in the faux finishes, and is a consultant for Tommy Farrell and Associates, a custom furniture firm.  Since 1970, she has been commissioned to design fine jewelry (silver and gold), resurrect furniture with faux finishes, design houses, remodel houses, design furniture and floorplan businesses.  Her belief is that the greater the understanding of the materials required to execute any given job, the better the outcome.  The range of her commissioned work is so broad that a total understanding of materials and the psychological impact of color are critical and, most certainly having that vision is an integral part in executing finely crafted faux finishes.  Her business was re-structured in 1995 to include full-service interior design work, in which executing faux finishes is a part.

She looks forward to sharing her vast knowledge and experience in the art world with those willing to explore the world of creative finishes.

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