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Arkansas Craft School Presents Readers Theater

Arkansas Craft School presented five theatrical scenes and short plays Sunday afternoon in a performance of Readers Theater.  The mostly comedic pieces were read or simply acted out by: Mary Gillihan, Robert Gillihan, Phyllis Haynes, Tina Marie Wilcox, Paula Lane, Aly Dearborn, Arjuna Larson, and Owen Rein.  Aly Dearborn assisted with sound effects.  The performance was directed by Marcia Wallace.


Photo: L to R: Tina Marie Wilcox, Robert Gillihan, Arjuna Larson, Owen Rein, Mary Gillihan



Arkansas Craft School Annual Gala!

Thank you to all of our supporters

The 2017 Gala was a great success!

Save the date: November 15th 2018 Gala