2015 Sustainability Week


Sustainability Week

The Arkansas Craft School presents its Sustainability Week every year, honoring the connection of crafts to the land. Each year we offer a variety of workshops, lectures and presentations on practical affordable ways to live with a lighter footprint on our fragile ecosystem. Many of these workshops are based on traditional old time ways and life styles. Others offer contemporary innovations that reduce your impact on the planet. The workshops take place at various locations near Mountain View Arkansas, in beautiful rural Stone County. .

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Workshop Schedule for 2015

3 Day Sustainable Bee Keeping Workshop w/ Ed Levi

Homesteading Tour and Talk with Dave Smith

Sustainable Woodworking Studio Tour And Talk with Owen Rein

Lunch and Lecture Series

Sustainable Home Improvements w/ Bill Lilly – Village Green builders

Sustainable Community Design w/ Bill Lilly – Village Green builders

1 Day Organic Skincare Workshop w/ Amy Hazel

1 Day Earth Oven Sourdough Pizza w/ Gin Brown

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